Frequently Asked Questions




Does the Camp have WiFi?

No, the Camp is located in a location that does not get a lot of phone coverage. This makes it impossible to obtain any kind of WiFi coverage! A mobile phone may get a signal in areas around the camp.

How to I get there?

There is no public transport directly to the camp but transfers can be arranged on request. Travelling along the Bruce Hwy through Proserpine, turn onto Main Street, follow Main Street which will merge onto Faust St, continue onto Crystalbrook Road for approximately 21.1 km where Camp Kanga will be on your right.

What is the temperature?

The climate is tropical. The average temperature is 23.6 degrees Celsius. The driest month is August. The warmest month is January and July is the coldest month of the year.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is complimentary.

Can I camp at the Park?

Yes we have 27 powered camp sites available all year.

What points of interest are nearby? E.g. towns, supermarket, hospitals.

Nearest town: Proserpine
Supermarket: IGA & Drakes
Hospital: Proserpine Hospital (26-32 Taylor St) Other: Lake Proserpine
Surrounding Towns: Airlie Beach, Cannonvale

Can I bring pets to the Park?

The park is a pet friendly facility but all pets visiting the park must be approved by the Camp management prior to arrival and kept on a leash.

Can I bring a push bike?

Yes. Helmets must be worn and follow local road rules.

Can I bring additional guests on the day?

If you would like to bring additional guests for the day this can certainly be arranged, but please contact reception to notify prior to the day as catering and other facilities may need to be altered. Additional fees may apply. All visitors to the park must be signed into reception.

Are there common areas or breakout rooms for teachers and supervisors?

Supervisors may access the communal hall area if booked into accommodation or hired the hall but this would be out of bounds to any children without adult supervision.

Can I smoke at the camp?

Majority of the park is smoke free, please see reception for the designated smoking area.

Is there access for people with a disability?

Yes the camp can cater for accommodation and facilities for people with a disability.

What is the closest medical facility or hospital?

Proserpine Hospital (26-32 Taylor St) a 20 min drive

Will I have access to all space and areas?

This will be determined by the size of the group booking. We will never book 2 groups together but “A” block can be utilised separately when able.




I have a large group. Can we eat at the same time?

This will depended on the current guideline set by QLD Heath around COVID19 and social distancing recommendations. Please contact the Camp to confirm

Will I share the dining hall with other schools/groups?

No, we will only ever book 1 group into the Camp at any one time and the booking will have exclusive access to the hall.

What is generally offered as morning and afternoon tea?

Fruit platters, hot and/or cold snacks

Do I have to eat all the meals in the dining hall?

No, you can choose to sit outside but all plates, cups and cutlery must be returned to the hall upon finishing the meal.

I have special dietary requirements. Can I bring my own food?

Yes, please liaise with the catering team to ensure suitable storage of food and any potential impacts on other guests. Food containing nuts is prohibited.

Can I access the dining hall outside of meal times?  

Yes the hall is open all day and can be utilised for activities if and when needed with adult supervision for children.

Is tea and coffee provided for teachers and supervisors?

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Milo, biscuits and chilled water are offered with all meals. This can also be provided for all day access for an extra charge.

Is there water available to refill drink bottles?

Yes, there is cold water available in the hall which can be utilised.

IS there a minimum group size?

Yes, generally the minimum group size is 25 people. Each group booking is also usually required to select 4 meal options as a minimum e.g. 2 x breakfast and 2 x dinners. You can always contact the Camp to discuss any special request.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, 25% of the catering quote is required as a deposit which is to be aid 14 days prior to arrival.

When are final numbers for the group required?

Final numbers and dietary requirements are to be confirmed 5 days prior to arrival.

When is full payment due for catering?

Final payment is required no later than 7 days past the date of departure.




Are pillows provided?


Should I bring my own linen and blankets?

Yes, linen is not supplied and must be brought to the camp for own use. A mattress protector is provided.

Is there soap in the bathrooms?

There are soap dispensers and hand sanitiser on the hand basins. Please bring own toiletries.

What accommodation types have access for people with a disability?

We have rooms allocated to cater for people with disabilities, the camp also has 2 x disabled amenities.

Do I share accommodation with other groups?

The park will only ever be booked to 1 group at the Park any one time, but depending on the size of the group booking un occupied cabins maybe booked out when require to guest outside your group booking.

What facilities are the teachers and supervisors accommodation?

3 x single beds, air conditioning and a small fridge. Guests can also access the communal camp kitchen facilities but this area is off limits to the children unless supervised by an adult.

Are there any other options for my group if the Camp is fully booked the capacity of the cabins?

The Camp also has an additional 27 powered campsites they may be available and can be used as alternative accommodation. We do not supply tents or camping supplies.

Can I book accommodation only without using the caterer?





What is the duration of each activity?

The activities vary on time depending on the size of group and the way the activity is run.

Will I be with other groups when completing activities?

No, only one group booking is at the camp at any one time.

Are there night activities?

Yes, we have 2 x camp fire sites that can be used. Please discuss any alternate night activities with Camp management.




Does the multi-purpose hall have an AV set up and projector screen?

The hall has a TV screen, and we can also arrange the use of a DVD player. The camp does not facilitate a projector screen.

Do I bring my own laptop or can I borrow one?

Bring your own including connection cables and USB.

Does the Park have WiFI?

No, the Camp is located in an area that has only intermittent mobile coverage making it impossible to obtain any kind of WiFi coverage. It will give guests a chance to unplug and unwind.

How early can I access the Camp facilities?

10am (accommodation is 1pm)

What is the latest time I can leave the Camp facilities?

2pm (accommodation is 9am)

Can you provide storage for equipment before or between sessions?

E.g. band camps, special needs, sports

Yes- only on request prior to arrival

Can I access the laundry?

Yes, the camp has a communal laundry machine which can be used at a charge.

Should I bring my own washing powder and liquid for the communal laundry?

Yes, the Camp does not provide washing powder.

Are there dryers or clothes lines, and do I need to bring pegs?

There are clothes lines available but not a dryer. Limited pegs.

Do other groups have access to the communal shower and bathroom blocks?

Only one group will be at the park at any one time, however if after you confirm number there are cabin un occupied they may be booked upon request unless confirmed otherwise.

Can I access sport and recreation facilities during free time?

E.g. volley ball court and sporting oval?


What happens is I damage something at the park?

Please report any damages to the Camp management prior to departure. There may be a fee to assist with repairs.

Will a maintenance issue be fixed immediately?

Depending on the nature of the issue, the Camp will fix the issue immediately or if necessary, relocate guests. Please report urgent maintenance issues to on-call Camp management.

Can we use the Camp facilities for daily visits?

Yes, you can come and use the Camp facilities for a daily cost of $3.00 per child and $5.00 /adult. note this cost is not applicable when you are staying overnight at the Camp.