Camp Activities



  • Rope Bridge

The rope bridge consists of thick ropes for walking upon and side ropes to hold on to and are suspended between two timber platforms. The rope bridge stimulates participants interest, while developing a good sense of balance.

  • Commando Crawl

This is an enclosed tunnel with internal water spray. Participants are to lie flat on their stomach at the entrance to the tunnel, keeping their body close to the ground. They must crawl through the tunnel using their elbows, knees and feet to move through the tunnel.

  • Tension Traverse

The triangular arranged tension traverse is a ropes course classic. Spotting, balance, determination, trust, hard work, and fun… it’s all here. The object is to traverse around a low triangular arrangement of taut cables using only a rope attached to one of the poles for balance support. 

  • Hole-in-One

This is a fine event for demonstrating to a group that they can improve their efficiency together as a team. Decrease in performance time can be dramatic. The objective is to move an entire group through a large suspended tire as quickly and efficiently as possible. The groups would be encouraged to try this timed event at least twice so they can experience the benefits of co-operating as a group by recording a faster time. 

  • Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are often one of the more challenging pieces of outdoor play equipment. However they offer hours of fun while building body strength, hand-eye co-ordination and agility.

  • Hurdles

A series of hurdles set above the ground. Team members must make it through this obstacle in order to progress. 

  • Criss-Cross Balance Beams

Two sets of intersecting wooden beams located close to the ground. Two participants start the activity at opposite ends and pass one another in the middle where the beams cross and intersect. 

  • Vertical Cargo Net

This obstacle involves climbing up a cargo net and down a rope ladder. This is where technique pays off. Instead of looking at the squares of net like a ladder, focus on one vertical stand of net and treat it like a rope. As you pull the net taut, the horizontal stands on either side will become tighter and easier to step up on. Then make your way down the other side using the ladder. 

  • Spiders Web

A prefabricated web strung between two poles 10-14 feet apart made up of 14 to 17 open web sections. The web may be constructed from a variety of small ropes, twine and bungee cord. Many have been constructed to be removable. The top of the web should be no more than 7 feet in height. The objective is to pass each member of the group through a separate web opening without letting any part of the body touch any part of the web. Once a member uses an opening, that section is closed to further passage. If a participant on the opposite side of the web touches, that person has to return to the beginning side, and the section which they went through remains closed. Participants cannot be passed over or under the web.